The Miami Beach Coalition for a Drug-Free Community Call Us at 1-800-443-DRUG
Since 2004, MBC has worked passionately to reduce underage drinking and other drug use by children and adolescents. By partnering with leaders on all fronts of these issues, we have learned a great deal about substance abuse and are better equipped than ever to share these findings with youth, parents, teachers, religious and fraternal organizations, the medical community, law enforcement, government, the media and all local, state and federal community leaders, civic and volunteer groups and interested organizations.

MBC facilitates trainings, important information exchange, events, activities and many other initiatives to create a more knowledgeable, cohesive and ultimately healthier and safer Miami Beach for all. The challenge is great - we know, but the basic human desire to live a happy and healthy life is universal.

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  We firmly believe that human beings want to choose healthier lifestyles. We have found that by convening and facilitating resources, assistance, positive, fun and purposeful activities and enhancing partnerships, the pendulum begins to move.

MBC is committed for the long term. We will continue to champion and push for continuous information dissemination targeting the different populations that research shows us we need to focus our activities towards. Volunteers and members to MBC are certainly welcomed and encouraged to get involved. After all, we are only as good as those with which we are in partnership.