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We know it's not easy because lots of kids appear to be using alcohol and other drugs. It may seem that some aren't even suffering consequences. Others may seem like they are much happier people when they are high. But, regardless of your observations or experiences with drugs, there is no doubt, that they are harmful to your body.

Our hope is that somehow we can help you meet your true potential. And, we know without a shadow of a doubt, that using alcohol or other drugs, is a sure way to get derailed and never meet your potential.

We all have different ideas on drug use and different ways of dealing with friends who offer it to us.

To make an informed decision, MBC believes wholeheartedly that you need to know the facts based on truths:
  • Using drugs affects your physical, mental and spiritual health.
  • Using drugs adversely affects your drive for life.
  • Most of all it affects your potential.
  • Drugs are illegal, harmful when used & abused and too often, they are deadly.
  • Addiction doesn't ask you for anything before it becomes who you are. And turning back, once you are an addict, is one of the most difficult journeys anyone can take.
  • Age matters because the younger you are when you experiment, the greater your chances of becoming an addict.
  • Your brain doesn't fully develop until you are about 23-25 years old. If you make the choice to use drugs on your still underdeveloped brain, there can be serious consequences to the physiology of your brain. The one consequence most widely discussed and studied is the impact of drugs on your frontal cortex, the part of your brain where emotions are developed.