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We know it's not easy, but we also know that youth self report in surveys time and time again that the "#1 influence in their life is their parents." There are many little things parents can incorporate into their everyday lives to help keep their kids healthy and drug-free:

  • Eat together as a family 2-3 times per week. The conversations fostered at the dinner table keep all family members abreast of what is going on in each other's lives. It is family strengthening at its best.
  • Check your liquor supply at home. The #1 place children and teens get their alcohol is at home.
  • Model respectful and consistent behavior and walk the talk. They are watching you; lead by example.
  • Communicate your value systems.
  • Know your children's teachers, friends and their parents.
  • Be their parent, not their friend.
  • Communicate at their level.
  • Familiarize yourself with the places your children frequent.
  • Talk to your children often and LISTEN to them.
  • Listen to their music.
  • Stay current – learn how to text & stay connected to your children.
  • Set clear and firm parameters.
If there is one thing we have learned at MBC it is that the havoc wreaked on families with a child who uses alcohol or any other drug, is simply tragic. The effect of a person who is ill on the family is immense and very negative. We have found that many parents just don't know where to begin. Whether your child is a "good" kid and "would never use drugs," or whether you're suspicious that they may already be experimenting or even if your child is fully immersed in alcohol or other drug use, it's critical that you, the parent, arm yourself with knowledge. And know, that you are not alone.

Become educated. Become current. Have a solid understanding of alcohol and other drug use, the symptoms, common side effects and other social issues that are closely related.