The Miami Beach Coalition for a Drug-Free Community Call Us at 1-800-443-DRUG
MBC organizes, funds and partners to bring prevention and awareness activities and events to Miami Beach. The end goal is always to bring a specific audience together to broaden the imagination as to what is possible and what we know about alcohol and other drug use and the wide array of likely consequences.

Since its inception MBC has facilitated many targeted events all with the goal of strengthening the movement to keep children and teens drug-free. They include:

  • Media Training for its partners and members
  • Parenting Sessions at various schools throughout Miami Beach
  • Project Sticker Shock
  • Multi-Media Prom/Underage Drinking Campaign
  • Mock DUI at Miami Beach Senior High
  • Broward Youth Coalition & Miami Beach Police Department's Youth Director's Counci and Police Explorers
  • Youth Leadership Arts in Prevention Training
  • Safe Festivals Training
  • Family Day
  • Last Chance (Juveniles at Risk Program)
  • Mayors on the Move
  • ArtWorks Forum
  • Sobe Sober Annual Campaign
  • Environmental & Social Marketing campaign
  • Anti-Tobacco and Anti-Drugs campaigns all year-round, in addition to Underage Drinking